This is the process after sequestration, which enables you to clear your name and start with a new credit record.

If your estate was sequestrated or you applied for its voluntary surrender, you can apply for your rehabilitation (to be put back in the same position you were in before your sequestration) in the following circumstances:

  • Your rehabilitation happens automatically after 10 years
  • At any time after sequestration, if the assets in your insolvent estate realize sufficient funds to pay all creditors who have proven claims, in full
  • At any time after sequestration if you are able to pay all your creditors at least 50 cents in the rand
  • 6 months after your sequestration if no creditors proved claims against your estate
  • 12 months after the Master of the High Court confirms the account that your trustee prepares (called the liquidation account) provided the Master recommends the rehabilitation (in specially motivated circumstances)
  • 4 years from sequestration if your creditors have proved claims against your estate, provided 12 months have lapsed since the Master confirmed the liquidation account